Card counting at online casinos

If you would like to practice card counting, we strongly recommend that you try a “Card Counting Coach”, which is a way in which you can easily and quickly learn how to count cards in Black Jack. We also recommend that you review our guide below, which contains various techniques that can be used!

If you are going to start counting cards at online casinos, we also recommend that you choose a Danish casino with a Danish gambling license. Now that you have to find an online casino anyway, it is recommended that you take advantage of a welcome bonus. These welcome bonuses are something that most Danish online casinos offer when you first sign up to the casino. is one of the recommended online casinos as they have a good bonus. In addition to this casino, we can also recommend you look at Dansk777, which also offers a good bonus for the online casino.

Is it possible to count cards?

possible to count cards

In both TV shows and movies, card counting is shown to be incredibly easy to learn, with the concept of counting cards giving the impression that the player will always win by simply using this method. However, you should not be fooled by this, as the reality is much more complex than they describe in movies and series. However, it is still quite realistic to learn and implement card counting into one’s game.

If you ask the experts at DanskeOnlineCasinoer, we believe that card counting is just strategic thinking when playing. It is like a poker player who decides to go all-in when he/she has calculated that the chance of winning is reasonable.

We therefore believe that Black Jack players must increase their bets when they believe that they are in a position where the next card can have an advantage for the player. If you manage to combine a good Black Jack strategy with rock-solid card counting, then you will have a big advantage against the casino, which means that you can use your knowledge to win large sums at the gaming table.

Card counting at physical casinos

Card counting at physical casinos

Even though it is legal to use this strategy, the experts at DanskeOnlineCasinoer do not recommend that you use this strategy in physical casinos, as it is not very well regarded and it can even get you kicked out of the casino. Although card counting actually corresponds to calculating your probabilities at the poker table, many casinos act as if it is illegal.

Since casinos are considered private land (at least in the US), they have the right to deny players access to the casino (which is why they recommend that card counting be considered an illegal activity). And believe us when we say that the casinos will use these rights as soon as they see a player counting cards at the tables.

However, you can play live blackjack at live casinos, as this is not the same as a physical casino.

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