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Do you have a high followership on social media platforms? Do you want to monetise your social media presence? Then, all you have to do is engage an online bookmaker by offering to be an affiliate marketer.

Following your application, the bookmaker management will consider it. They usually respond positively, since marketing is a core part of their business strategy. You will be responsible for disseminating information about the bookmaker’s operations, bonuses and promotions, updated terms and any other information they may want to make public.

Depending on the terms of your agreement, the company may be the one to provide promotional contents and materials, your job is just to post them and engage with user’s feedback positively, let’s take a deeper look at this passive money-making venture. The other way round, you could place a sports bet and earn directly at 20Bet in addition to this passive income discussed below.

How to Become a Top Earning Affiliate

Top Earning Affiliate

Have a Solid Network

The first thing every smart affiliate should know is the importance of a solid network. Many affiliate marketers benefit from having a strong network of supporters to help them promote their campaigns and drive new visitors to their social media pages.

If you want to perform mere managerial tasks, but would not be the one making the posts about the brands to attract new players who will eventually become site visitors, you must have a skilled affiliate marketing team that can assess websites, identify partners, and strategize.

You can diversify your work by also working with online casino gaming providers. Working with online gaming sites can generate higher commissions, which can improve your overall gaming revenue.

Work Only for Legal Sportsbooks

Legal Sportsbooks

It is also important to ensure that the gaming and sportsbook sites you work with conform with all legal and regulatory criteria for gaming operators in the specific state or country where players may live or bet. You can ensure this by conducting a background check or reading customer reviews before entering into any contracts with them.

To increase your views and also boost payments received from the sportsbooks you work for, adopt effective marketing techniques such as SEO optimization or social media campaigns built specifically for gambling websites and affiliates who want to interact with customers from all over the world.

The last point is very important: make sure you don’t work outside the mandate of your contract. If your employer has regional coverage, target audiences from that specific region, and for a global audience, run targeted marketing strategies with global coverage.


Finally, being an affiliate can be a lucrative online job. You can generate a passive income that can be even more lucrative than conventional employment. It takes time, dedication, and effort, but it is undeniably an option worth considering.

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