Dictionary and important terms for Black Jack


If you have more than 21 in your hand, you are bust and automatically lose. The dealer can also bust.


Once you’ve dealt your first 2 cards, you can choose to double the bet and get just 1 more.


When you choose to get 1 more card.

Hole card

The card that the dealer has in his hand and that you cannot see.


If the dealer’s exposed card is an Ace, you can buy an “insurance” of half the bet you have just placed. If the dealer has Black Jack, you get both the insurance and original bet back. If the dealer does NOT have Black Jack, you lose your insurance and bet.



A popular system based on a mathematical formula. Martingale and Black Jack work together to improve your chances of winning.


If dealer and player end up on the same value. You get your investment back.


If you have 2 identical cards in your hand, you can split them and play 2 hands in the same game. You get different cards for each split.


Also called “stå” in Danish. This is when you don’t want more cards.


If you give up your hand in the middle of the game, you can sometimes get half of the bet back.

The best hand in Black Jack

Black Jack is the very best hand in the game and is made with an ace and a 10 or a face card. Is the dealer 21 – e.g. a 10, a 5 and a 6 – the dealer still loses. There is only push if both dealer and player have Black Jack with an ace and a 10. If the player gets Black Jack, there is also a bonus. The player then gets 2.5 times the bet again. If you bet DKK 100, you get DKK 250 back. Try it yourself at 888Casino, where you get a 100% bonus up to DKK 3,000 and 88 free spins when you create an account!

When should I double my bet?

double my bet

As I said, Black Jack is about judging your cards against the dealer’s one card. Eg. if you have 11 in your hand, while the dealer has 9. It will not make sense for the player to “stand”, since with 11 in your hand you cannot get over 21. You must of course have 1 new card, but since you are sitting with a really good hand, you should choose to double the bet.

In this example, the player has bet DKK 10, and chooses to double his bet to DKK 20. The player then only gets 1 card, and therefore has to cross his fingers to get a 10. The player “stands” completely automatically after one card has been dealt. You can of course choose to just draw a card in the normal way, but if the dealer e.g. a 6, then the only correct thing to do in this situation is to double. Does it sound easy? Then try Black Jack for free at Bet365 today!

It’s all about taking full advantage of a situation like this. You can of course be unlucky to get a low card and the dealer hits something good, but that’s how it is to play – you have to bet when you have the chance.

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