When should I split?

The player can choose to split 2 identical cards. So 2.2 – 3.3 – 4.4 etc. Whether to split or not is often up to the dealer. A rule of thumb says that you should always split two 8s and two aces. Give it a try and split cards at Tivoli Casino.

Eg. a player who has received two 10s which are split – then the bet is doubled. You now have 2 hands. On the first card, the player is lucky and gets a Black Jack and on hand number two, the player gets a 9 – i.e. 19 in total. Also a pretty good hand against the dealer’s 2s. The player, of course, stands with 19. The two hands now play dependent on each other, and if the dealer gets, for example, 20, one of the hands is won. If, on the other hand, the dealer only draws 17, 18 or over 21, both hands are won. When you split in Black Jack, you are playing 2 special hands at the same time.

Black Jack is the game with the greatest chance of winning

greatest chance of winning

When you play at a casino, you know that the house or dealer always has a mathematical advantage over you. That’s how they make the money. In the long run, therefore, in other words, you have to be lucky to make money. However, there is a huge difference in how big an advantage the casino has, and exactly this is one of the best reasons to play Black Jack. You can also use card counting when playing Blackjack, which significantly improves your chances of winning.

On slot machines, you will typically find that the casino makes a profit of 2-10% of your turnover. If we look at roulette, it drops sharply to an advantage of 2.70%, but it gets even better, seen from the player’s eyes, when we switch to Black Jack. Depending on the casino and rules, you will thus only “be behind” by 0.47%, which will be the casino’s minimal advantages if you make the right choices at the right times.

That is also why you are reading this right now – so you can improve your chances of winning at the Black Jack table, e.g. at Bet365 and Casino.dk. The chance of leaving the Black Jack game with a profit is therefore much greater than with both slot machines, roulette and other casino games, where you have to much more disregard your abilities and bet on your luck.

  • Summary advice to master Black Jack
  • Evaluate your cards against the dealer’s
  • Never split two 10s
  • Always split 8,8 and Es, Es
  • Always stand on 17 or above – no matter what the dealer has
  • Consider doubling down with 10 and 11 on the hand – unless the dealer has Aces
  • Dealer’s worst cards: 4,5,6
  • Dealer’s best card: Ace, 10, 9

These tricks do not guarantee a win at the Black Jack table, but they at least improve your chances. Give it a try at Spilnu Casino, where right now you get a bonus of DKK 200, using the Spilnu bonus code DOC. The bonus money can be used on virtually all casino games at the casino.

  • Useful links for BlackJack
  • We finish the guide to Black Jack with 3 useful links you can use:
  • Royal Casino: Play physical casino in Aarhus
  • Tivoli Casino mobile: Play Black Jack on your mobile
  • Maria Casino bonus code: DKK 1,000 extra for Black Jack

Should you still have doubts about how Blackjack works, you can read our FAQ about Blackjack, as it can provide answers to most questions.

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