Card counting in teams

A single player can of course only play one hand at a time. Therefore, it may seem like a good idea if you choose to play in teams, so that you can increase the hourly income.

Team games have been successfully used by groups such as MY. blackjack team. These were a number of students from the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”, who later became the inspiration for the film “21” by Kevin Spacey.

The most well-known strategy for playing in teams is that of playing at different tables. The players signal to the rest of their team when it is time to throw the big bets. An advantage of playing in teams is that you can choose to only bet big money when you know the table gives an advantage to the players.

A disadvantage of playing in teams is that it is a rather large operation that requires planning and at the same time there is a huge risk of being discovered, as there are several people involved who all want to win. The employees at the casino will also be much more aware of players who go from table to table and play for very large amounts, which again emphasizes how big a risk there is of being discovered by the casino.

If you still want to play in teams when counting cards, or if you just want to know how it works, here is a classic build of how it could work:

The back-spotter


This is a member of the team who does not necessarily have to sit at some of the tables. “The back-spotter” keeps an eye on the tables from a distance, after which he/she signals to the rest of the team (or the gorilla) when they have to take a seat at a table.

The scoffer

This member of the team is an active player at the table, but the most important task for this player is to have an accurate count of the playing pile at that specific table. Casinos often check for irregular bets at the tables, which means that this “spotter” has to play for the smallest amount, after which he/she has to signal to the gorilla of the group, who then takes a seat at the table and plays for large amounts.

The gorilla

Gorillas are not known for their mathematical skills, which also means that the gorilla does not need to count cards. This member of the group moves from table to table playing for the highest amount allowed when the table is hot.

A classic gorilla character is a drunken millionaire who goes from table to table throwing around large sums of money, which can only seem foolhardy.

The big player

big player

This member of the group is tasked with ensuring that the rest of the team is not discovered. A high-roller with competent skills in Black Jack will undoubtedly get the attention of the casino staff. It is important to remember that it is not illegal to play a perfect strategy where a very good player with a budget like the gorilla will get attention before the rest of the team is discovered.

If you want to roll around in piles of money, then starting to count cards is a good place to start! Although card counting can be difficult to learn, it will definitely pay off if you manage to master this technique. If it didn’t work for you to start with, try give it another try. It is important to remember that a little preparation can save a lot of work later!

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