How to avoid attracting attention when counting cards

We strongly believe that the best way to avoid being detected by the casino is to use a simple technique where you spend a lot of time learning this strategy so that you eventually become a perfectionist in this simple strategy. It is quite possible that the best card counters are not mathematical geniuses, but they probably just know how to count, and then they manage to blend in with their surroundings so that they do not attract unnecessary attention.

If you use our Card Counting Coach to practice with, you will undoubtedly become a better card counter. When you have to learn to blend in with your surroundings at the casino, it is something you will have to teach yourself. However, one thing is certain; if you are good at counting and it comes naturally to you, then it will be much easier for you if you want to try at a casino.

Now we can only cross our fingers that one day we will hear about your legendary winnings at the Black Jack table – or even better; we will never hear of them!

Therefore, simple strategies are more profitable

strategies are more profitable

If you use simple strategies when you have to count cards in a casino, then there is less chance that the casino will detect you while you are playing. If you play with a team, it is much easier for the cameras in the casino to detect. If you make use of hand signs and codes while playing, it will definitely be detected by the surveillance cameras, even if you are sure that they will not detect it. If they don’t notice it the first time, they will surely notice it when the casino staff watches the video.

If, on the other hand, you play alone, the camera will never be able to capture what is happening in the player’s brain, which is probably the biggest reason why even the most technological casinos still find it difficult to detect the most skilled card counters. As soon as you choose to share your strategy with others, if you e.g. want help, you leave clues for the casino that can help them discover you.

Most casinos try to detect card counters by observing irregularities in the bets. This is done both manually and via technology. If you use a simple system for card counting, then you can concentrate on hiding your tracks if you, for example, begins to communicate with other players at the table. You can also adjust your pattern a bit so that you always make sure that no one will suspect you of counting cards while playing Black Jack.

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